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Members of SHPA have one common goal: To ensure that every man, woman and child has access to quality housing and supportive services as needed in the least restrictive environment. We also share a common belief–that our goal to end homelessness is much more attainable if we work TOGETHER.

TOGETHER we have housed over 12,000 individuals across Illinois. TOGETHER we plan to create thousands more units of permanent supportive housing, enabling more people to have a place that they can call home.

Despite the bleak economic climate, SHPA has accomplished some remarkable feats in the past year. Look at just a few of the amazing things we did by working TOGETHER:

• negotiated an increase of supportive housing funding through the Legislature at 100% of FY 2015 funding levels, after the Governor proposed to eliminate all funding for supportive housing.
• Continued to advocate for successful implementation of the Williams v. Quinn Consent Decree for those who are inappropriately housed in nursing homes wishing to transition back into the community.
• Provided high-quality training and technical assistance to supportive housing providers via webinars, in-person training, monthly conference calls and one-on-one support.
• Partnered with Housing Action Illinois to continue the SHPA/HAIL Continuum of Care Committee, providing an ongoing forum for information exchange, brainstorming and advocacy for Continuums of Care in Illinois.
• Successfully advocated for inclusion of supportive housing in the state’s Section 1115 Medicaid waiver application to the federal government. Through SHPA’s input, the waiver application identifies $60 million to be spent for “stable housing” over a five year period for individuals with “complex health issues”, including mental health, substance abuse and homelessness.
• And TOGETHER in 2018, we plan to accomplish so much more!

We WILL continue to work to ensure the survival of our member organizations. We WILL continue the fight for a responsible budget in Illinois. We WILL continue to connect SHPA members to state and national advocacy efforts—it is our united strength that has continued to get us the funding that we need. Finally, through our quarterly statewide and other regional meetings, we WILL continue to network, share, and inspire one other.

We hope that you can see the value in being a part of the SHPA family. By becoming a member of SHPA, you not only make an incredible investment in your own organization, you make and investment in a strong future for all of us. Every dollar saved from state cuts, every new unit of housing developed, every family no longer living on the street is a return on your investment. All of this is possible when we commit to working TOGETHER.

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