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New Report - Homeless Continuums of Care: A Report of Research Findings   


Continuum of Care (CoC) Resource Page

The CoC Resource page has been created to assist Continuum of Care (CoC) bodies, CoC funded providers, and Emergency Solution Grants (ESG) program recipients and sub-recipient with HEARTH implementation and provide additional guidance following the 2013 Illinois Continua of Care Training Technical Assistance Initiative. The CoC Resource Page is separated in three categories; HUD Homeless Program Guidance & Resources, 2013 Illinois Continua of Care Training and Technical Assistance Initiative - Training Materials, and CoC Peer to Peer Shared Information. 

HUD Homeless Program Guidance & Resources

Below are several of the HUD created guide books and documents to assist CoC bodies and CoC and ESG providers with implementation. All materials can also be accessed via the website. All CoC members and homeless providers should be familiar and utilize the following HUD websites to locate CoC and ESG guidance- and the newly created website. All the links below are formatted as a pdf file. 

At Risk of Homelessness Definition  CoC Program Funding for HMIS
CoC Program Funding for HMIS FAQs CoC Program Grant Administration Guide
CoC Program Leasing & Rental Assistance Summaries of Lease CoC Program Leasing Projects Lease & Sublease Agreement
ESG Action Plan Checklist ESG State Recipient Consultation with CoC
Establishing & Operating CoC Program ESNAPS CoC APR Guidebook
Homeless Definition Eligilbity Homeless Definition Record Keeping Requirements & Criteria
Programmatic Crosswalk of Changes

Rapid Rehousing ESG vs. CoC

Rapid Rehousing ESG vs CoC cont.

Safe Haven Fact Sheet CoC Program Coordinated Assessment Joe Exercise

Environmental Review for Leasing in the Name of the Organization