Spring Conference and Advocacy Day!!

April 21st and 22nd!

 Join us for the SHPA Spring Meeting and Advocacy Day.

Spring Conference - April 21st

 We need everybody on-board with advocacy this year, the most challenging fiscal year we have faced in a long time - perhaps ever. Don't get anxious! Get Active! This is an "all-hands-on-deck" meeting! Please come!

We'll meet on April 21st at the University of Illinois, Springfield. Registration is at 9:00 am. Conference activity starts at 9:30 am. 


Join us April 21st and receive:


• Inside information and updates on the state budget and the direction of the state’ new Administration. 
• Workshops on how to talk to your elected officials and be the most effective advocate possible.
• Key messages and supporting documents and facts to help share your story. 
• An opportunity to feel the power of a strong movement for permanent housing solutions to end homelessness and institutionalization



 Advocacy Day - April 22nd


SHPA Members and Residents will move to the State Capitol and work from a base in the west hallway of the Capitol. Members and Residents are encouraged to make appointments with their Lawmakers prior to April 22nd and use this day to communicate with your Lawmakers in their Capitol or Stratton Building office or ask them to step out of the Legislative Chamber for a conversation with you about supportive housing, its value and importance. SHPA will provide you with factsheets and advocacy materials. You supply the energy and the connection with your Lawmaker! 

Please join in for this two day set of activities.



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The Supportive Housing Providers Association (SHPA) is a strong force of 95 member organizations, individuals, businesses and Continuums of Care across the state of Illinois that provide and promote supportive housing.  SHPA’s members daily save over 12,000 men, women, and children from homelessness and unnecessary institutionalization. 


Supportive Housing is  affordable housing with support services, designed to end homelessness for individuals and families and replace institutional settings for people with disabilities.  It gives people a place to call home and support to re-build their lives, in a cost-effective way.



Vote Yes! for Supportive Housing!!         


Today's Features:

  •    New Governor, Spring Legislative Session, Tight Budget 

New Governor-Elect Rauner was sworn into office in January, followed immediately with a flurry of Executive Orders clamping down on spending. 

The FY 2015 spending plan is 1.6 billion short on revenues. A "fix" is under discussion by the new Administration and the Legislative Leaders.  

  •    Emergency Solutions Grant - Webinar
The ESG program provides funding to: (1) engage homeless individuals and families living on the street; (2) improve the number and quality of emergency shelters for homeless individuals and families; (3) help operate these shelters; (4) provide essential services to shelter residents, (5) rapidly re-house homeless individuals and families, and (6) prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless. Click below for the ESG Webinar.

 2014-10-24 10.00 ESG TRAINING WEBINAR.wmv


The Connect To Work Matrix was developed by the Supportive Housing Providers Association of Illinois (SHPA) through its Connect to Work project. The Connect to Work project was supported by a grant from the Butler Family Fund. For the project SHPA hired a consultant and appointed an Advisory Council of respected researchers and practitioners. To create the Matrix we identified, described, and categorized more than 80 best and/or promising employment practices. The practices came from model programs, from research, and from discussions with experts. We then placed these practices on an interactive website. 

The Matrix Guide is intended for management-level staff to assist them in creating employment skills programs for persons experiencing or emerging from homelessness.

Click HERE for the PowerPoint presentation.

Click HERE for the webinar link.

Click HERE to hear personal testimony from Chris.

Click HERE  to hear personal testimony from Venus about the program. 

Click HERE to hear personal testimony from Antoinette.

Click HERE to see personal testimony from Patricia.

Click HERE and HERE to access the training materials.




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