WEBINAR - Communication Skills for Helpers

March 5, 2024

Communication Skills for Helpers is a workshop about equipping participants with the essential tools for effective interpersonal communication. This course focuses on the unique challenges faced by helpers, such as counselors, social workers, and community volunteers, and provides practical strategies for building rapport, active listening, and conflict resolution. Through interactive workshops and real-life scenarios, participants will learn to navigate sensitive conversations, set boundaries, and manage emotional responses. By the end of the training, participants will have a deeper understanding of the importance of clear and compassionate communication in their roles as helpers, enhancing their ability to support others effectively.

This Training will provide:
· Building Rapport and Trust
· Effective Communication Techniques
· Managing Difficult Conversations
Facilitator: Joseph Winford, SHPA
SHPA Members & IDHS SHP Grantees - FREE
(discount codes: "MEMBER" or "GRANTEE" please note the discount codes are case sensitive)
Non-Members or Non-Grantees - $50

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